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The ultimate guide to finding the perfect background image for your HD Wallpaper

Nice background image is a powerful way to promote any value. We follow back through each level, as well as some tips will not want to miss. There are a few things in mind in order to choose the correct image background. In this article, you can learn how to find a place and how to find your background and image improvement.

Put a website hand – I decided to remove the background image you think is right. Great! But how and where to find one that fits your plan?

Looking for the background image

Before you upload photos complete search, it is necessary to make some considerations to ensure and choose the best possible picture. Here are some of the best ways to choose the best background image.

If you choose the background image perfect start with what you know to find a good background image. Of course, you can choose an old picture on the landing page, the selected image results are much larger for you.

Are you sure you want to make your photos:

Catch the eye

Stunning images, you can instruct forced to stay on the page and the performance of the people requested action. In fact, only a few seconds to capture the visitors’ attention was not. Photos stimulate initial interest, you can get the audience to read your sales letter.

There must be a perfect balance between a beautiful distraction. If the image is too thick, you can divert attention from the main business calls has a negative effect on conversion rates. Do not get too distracted …

Yum! This looks delicious! Use a strong image for your target audience.

Match the user’s identity

For you think about the landing page color scheme chosen. The picture will hang? O is to complement the overall design? You’re better to maintain a consistent image on the landing pages of background and color scheme for the brand. In this way, you can focus your attention on building awareness and CTA brand on the road 🙂

Text Control

Sometimes the background image may be able to read what is in conflict with the font color and difficult page. You must have a copy easy to read the background image.

Design praised

It is very important to improve the conversion design. Caution site, and it will focus on specific aspects of his image of a copy. Do not constitute the center of the focus of the image. What you want to avoid the registration form, or take a picture of interest to work in the major currencies away.

Message delivery

Do not receive greater attention from the image, select the main objective of the page. Instead, choose the background image that is not taken out of the main text or additional to describe your business. Not all doctors try to connect at a time, use a background image to enhance the entire message!

Using real people

The product contains, or (by default or whatever face) depending on the characteristics of people in business can have a strong influence on the image. You can find a number of reports and images from human testing can have a positive impact on the first impression of the reliability of visitors.

However, according to a recent study by the eye tracking platform Eyequant, one can not be true if we think of this before. A new study claims that we do not flip chart think it is always great interest … It is a good study, and happens to notice one of the key features in most of the image: the face of looking for something!

Human beings, we (which can be very strong and convincing) tend to look at his face, rather than to influence the direction in which people are looking for it.

The man in the picture of his eyes, “Oh, I think that the talk here as a form of social proof! This product is great!”

The interest for visitors to the main purpose for the use of this kind of trend signal to their advantage when determining the background image. Selected pictures of real people who can help you add the human element to the page, and improve the level of confidence of visitors.

Use an image advice to people. Do not use images or your own free shots one image, which is like a real horizontal.

No image? No problem.

Maybe you do not need one. Use stronger than the strength of the message sent version. In fact, because this kind of way because it is the power, more to register your copy.

If you find images

A number of places to find potential images on the landing page is offline. Like most sites or business sites options, and there is a free version and payment. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but outweigh the disadvantages (at least from the point of view of the company), and ultimately benefit the repayment of the image.

Worth paying …!

Our customers consider the following words, payment options are available to have a lot of the same service and success. Go to the payment option has obvious advantages of speed and simplicity:


  • Save time – an image often separated by several filtering payment services provide a very fast area categories and brands.
  • And provide more options paid images of different sizes – sizing. Most of the time you really need about pixels 1600 x 1200 medium-sized version only. No need to try to improve crop images or adjust their size.
  • Quality and accuracy – would normally be paid services much easier to design high-quality images in a variety of sizes. The resolution is very high quality, that will be clear, so you do not have to worry about pictures polka dots.
  • Photo test – most of these services, you can test to see if you are in good condition, so full size … You can also download a copy of the discounted brand image.
  • Permits – if the misunderstanding matriculate Well if an unexpected error or daily use Help? No. You do not pay … and trouble, do not mess.
  • More intelligent search and navigation – can pay the provider image says, without the goal of providing the best of the free service. I was one of the most market gives you the ability to find similar shots to find some you like. If you evaluate your time, you will be free approach bihaeyi value.


  • Not exclusively – you can find on the Internet before a lot of photos will be played out. If you use an image of the same ol ‘of the people you know.
  • Expectations – sometimes it seems a good image stock photos.
  • The cost of funds – you have to pay for it, but if you are really in the business, is not a problem.


Nice background image is not too crazy about the money spent on? I know what we keep lean, and I do not blame you.

Get the background of the free landing page does not mean you’re cheap – just do what you yourself kind of person. Well, at least you can find a picture of yourself:


  • Free – all the pictures are free and are usually kept from the type that is sufficient to provide sources.
  • Free to choose the picture, but is still not large enough to pay for that interview is more and more sites offer free images increases your choice – increase choice.


  • It takes a long time – how to align the image. Do you want to set up images that are not relevant when it comes to seeing a lot of time to sort consumption.
  • Adjust in order to obtain background image “pixel perfect”, you can make some additional crop or enlarge the image.
  • Complex – a license must be treated with different types of licenses and attributes. Free does not come without cost. Here are the Creative Commons license is complex.

Images search Google Bing

As you can imagine, this option involves more magic. More time is required to find the security picture perfect. Try searching for ” Background” image picture Bing or Google for a good start.

Search volume of two engines (you want a large X-), you have the option to filter by color type (in accordance with the scheme), and images.

Search Creative Commons

But a little less intuitive than Bing or image search is still a gold mine in the library. This site allows you to filter your search to include only results from a particular site. The user interface for this site if you are not satisfied, you can always go to the original site on its home page.


I have noticed a strong trend in the number of companies that supplied images on Flickr. This is (in my humble opinion is) probably one of the best ways to find quality pictures for free. Most people have no real information, captured images – this image cheesiness.

Optimized images

I agree with the steps listed above and choose the background image is perfect for your web site. There was no improvement to prevent the maximum conversion rate image. This is what you need after setting up a perfect picture is as follows:

Reduce the size of an image

Did you know that you expect to download in less than 47% of the consumer Web page by 2 seconds? Loading time of the page is obviously a tremendous impact on the conversion page. Due to the size of the background image files that they tend to be much larger, especially, this can significantly increase the time it takes to load the page.

Using image optimization tools such as Yahoo or Smushit can reduce the file size. In many cases, you are able to easily reduce the file size by more than 75%. I asked visitors to upload a photo page in front of them.

By the way, you should always improve the image of the smaller size of the image file, regardless of whether the background.

Labels for the name and image

The current picture is perhaps a generic name like “person_standing_facing_front_1600x120.jpg” or something like that. If you’re looking for the background image that you selected just to get some SEO juice, you need to change the names and ALT tags inside the image code.


You’re fine way to improve the conversion rate happy! Copy, CTA, form, or page layout lacks, but does not save you the pictures stunning backdrop CRO fail. It is a piece of optimizing the puzzle conversion rate.

Good background image with a good landing page design, and only one key to achieving your steps landing page, the success of sites and marketing campaigns.

As with everything … you can use on your website how to find the best picture?

Want to try something more than a picture of your background?