Image Processing

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Remote sensing, to be processed before the release of data from satellite images become usable. This is mainly conducted by one of the programs written to process the data on your computer. A set of output and large-scale operation of the available data requires high quantum data because it takes a long time to some extent. And it called on the basis of data because it includes an image, perform signal processing and image processing. This article attempts to explain the computers that rely on general-purpose processors with high processing power capabilities.

Digital Signal Output

Since the invention of the Von Neumann architecture, we use global micro-architecture processor for nearly three years. During the past 20 years it has been the development of a special very specific structure, such as digital signal processing in the audio and video industry and applications. Overall, however, it was not listed in the processor so that this can only be limited by the application and adoption of these specific thing. These processors can be used for image processing of satellite data.

Remote control was developed using data sensor line map must be processed using an algorithm. This algorithm is a software that can improve the filter, edge detection or image. Since sugar is the time to image processing in the quantum of mass image data it will take a long time.

This is done repeatedly, the step of processing an image, such as the addition of two division and subtraction simple process. Therefore, the signal is used to address a small repeatedly instruction set. But in a general-purpose processor, we can find one of the processing elements in the wizard. This is a bottleneck generation processing signal processor as follows.

  1. Microprocessor structure

Used traditional treatments for architecture von Neumann. This is the first and most popular architecture processors used in the last 30 years. It consists of three phases or cycles “stored program” data analysis and research cycle. This architecture fast enough for most of the bottlenecks and many applications today.

Three phases of 2.1 or architecture course von Neumann

Von Neumann

A list on the exact architecture, which is to pass the buck three processors.

  • Tactics
  • reveal
  • execution

Step instructions in the drilling or can be external or internal data are from the CPU has a memory record. If the instructions and then decoded to perform the desired function that handles the task in the implementation process.

The shortcomings of the traditional architecture of von Neumann

Von Neumann architecture core has a serious flaw: it occurs in each row. Many of the steps before the completion of any task must be completed one (often very large). It is based on a number of negatives and bottles of traditional architecture.

  • Only one operation is conducted at the session (unpack or run fetching).
  • Only one element processing (ALU)
  • Data path is limited
  • The ability to limited processing of these processors. Processor performance depends on the clock frequency (frequency), and internal bus architecture and peripheral interface device (the number of bits of data) word length. Maximum speed of the clock depends on the manufacturing technology. It uses the time to evaluate the performance of the processor.

Operating Instructions time (X) = (number of (mean counting the command / (×) cycle time cycle)

Digital Image Processing

Advanced processing technology for digital signal processing of remote sensing images

Digital Signal Processing

Processors were used primarily to finance figures from the Treasury Department. It is used today in many of the control and decision-making process. It will be in the future, of course, to be seen in order to address a number during the implementation of algorithms for processing audio and video signals. In order to deal with the audio and video signals in real-time architectures require special treatments and special functions. This particular 9000000000005 some of them in the next section. More than a video signal processor (VSP) and audio signal processor (ASP) for processing video and audio to a computer and mounted efficiently today.

Digital signal processor, it is important to understand how different from processors? Must be signal processing in the first place was able to perform a number of operations per unit time. The exact number is directly dependent on the bandwidth of the signal being processed. Even the latest signal processing can be processed with the signal bandwidth F O tens of MHz. One of the most common digital work is to hit the pairs of numbers. Add two strings to the operating unit of the operation type of product in the filter, the relationship, such as algorithms for spectral analysis of the performance of these operations is largely high speed to include a range of multiplier / complex.

Digital signal processor architecture

Traditional basic structure of the von Neumann architecture, there are many restrictions on signal processing. New technology such as video processing and multimedia in real time requiring high processing power of the processor. They require a lot of processing elements. These elements allow multiple processing parallel processing. Therefore, they work on average increases instructions / sec. Usually measured these MIPS (millions of instructions per second), and (ten thousand per second) and the meetings of the Parties

Is running one way to overcome barriers time more than one thing at a time (for machining cycles). Processors may be superscalar processing elements and one or more data processing. Common architecture for high-performance processors for signal processing and numerical ultra-lined pipe in which super structure. In order to achieve parallel processing (internal parallel processor), and a number of processing elements that increases the processor.

One of the computational logic unit on the microprocessor traditional general purpose can be found. However, activation of the processor for the performance of the Pentium processor in two parallel ALUSs processing. That is, it can be two important ALU performance during the (clock cycle) and one system. Anther special features found in architecture processor in the audio and video available for digital processing applications.

Architecture and Harvard Country

The Harvard storage architecture, data and instructions (code) in the two memories separate. It is possible to simultaneously load the data and code. There are two separate connections for data and control information. It is possible to simultaneously download the data code.

Country architecture, and many processing elements can be used in the data path on a larger scale. Group is a device-specific processing memory. In general, digital signal processing,

Picture, sound, etc. (divided into two groups by a) addition and subtraction, the average is a simple process over and over again in the vapor data. Therefore, each processing element in the structure of the state to carry out certain operations, because of the large number of residents of the processing elements of the processor can perform a number of operations per second for each clock cycle.


It will be a variety of advanced processor architecture that is used in the general purpose computer for image processing. This advanced architecture is less intended for users of the public computer as they use on a general-purpose processor. This is the distance data detection is able to be processed by a general-purpose computer.