The Power of Images

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How can we promote and use the images for the transfer of science.

Power of Images

We have all heard, “Pictures say a thousand words”, but the real value of using an image to promote scientific content. Image of inspiration and explain difficult concepts to take a picture taking pictures of attention, so we can know.

Why we love a lot of pictures?

We are visual creatures too. A large part of the human brain itself dedicated vision processing. We love the picture has the ability to pay our awareness and attention. Images can be captured easily grab the attention we have, it will be drawn immediately. To think about the blog: First, consider the words, images, or is not it?

We process images at an incredible pace. When we look at the picture immediately and we know the meaning and in this scenario can be analyzed within a very short piece of time. The human brain is able to recognize something familiar within 100 milliseconds. People tend to recognize the familiar faces in the 380 milliseconds fairly fast.

We designed by our brains bright colors, because the reaction will capture our attention. Our vision is the feeling we have a more active way. This can, thanks to our evolution. While the rapid processing of visual information to find food for the attack of a predator would have saved our ancestors. You must choose to be able to select a particular shade of red food berries. This primitive behavior now begins to work in our daily lives. True often that advertisers use this to their advantage.

Photo Social Media

Central media assistant, which is the main picture, and I realized that the League. More likely 10 times to participate in the post on the social media with pictures. Especially in visual Facebook that it is one of the ways to get interaction and attract the attention of the public. With this in mind, you can use these images to enhance your inquiry.

Do you have any restriction of characters that can be used together? Twitter can be 140 characters of text that can be created to transfer complex messages to users in difficult times. As a picture, you can explain this concept difficult without eating too much space. Here’s an example:

It also has a picture of the ability to get emotional reaction from the public. You need if you want to promote your business affect you.


Tumblr image

Especially through micro-blogging, tumblr service, we see a lot of researchers and institutions to take advantage of the image. Publishers, agencies, researchers and schools use a ship in order to promote scientific discovery with the help of animation attractive. Acrobat is a great way to bring awareness to the study itself.

A set of colors for communication science blog glass. Britain Biological Sciences (BBSRC) blog contains important information of life science issues in bite size. You can tonight (BPOD) to obtain biological and bio-MRC medical image from a daily dose of video blog medicine. On the other hand, Biocanvas, a blog can be an easy job for the release of the real beauty of science with wonderful pictures. I wonder then? Try this cup scientific image.

Photos help education

The bombing of the world of irritation, we often look for the easiest and learning liquid and get information. Reading can be a slow process and work time-consuming. Visual scene analysis, it takes a long time to read very long sentences.

It is expected to peak behind us and look at the books that you want to save the word the word school. This is not always the best tactic. Many of us are visual learners saves information more effectively if it occurs in the image list.

Easy to digest the current crisis and how data and results: This graphic information scheme is doing so popular.

Image of computer graphics, charts and illustrations in the learning process more flexible. Oddly enough, why are we all here diagrams outline the information graphic explaining love.

Image helps the story

Sometimes scientific discoveries, and most importantly, just do not seem to own us as individuals. Because it is not emotionally invested in people, you can feel the interest for a particular disease or condition. Because we are the heart of the stone is not a beast now. Sometimes, because we do not get these results only way they should.

The images will help us participate. Images that are outside not to look at the science. The image will help to contribute to the storytelling process that can make science more attractive.

You are not an artist that does not mean that the ban in writing on the walls. The art and science are not mutually exclusive. Along the way, the comic strip, or an image, you can provide another channel to explain the outline of a complex task.

“But I’m in a state of chaos in this context,” I hear you say. Well, you do not have to be a good writer to convey the message. People will appreciate the reliable information for a long time in one, regardless of quality or performance, and information defined by the user.

With open access and open data, our raw computer graphics and information to create a knowledge content by the user. This study used otherwise well, and said that all these results year, we can create a visual product that combines the two elements involved in educating others.


The pictures are an important part of the communication of science, and should not cast a long block of text. Out of messages often complex science, we need help from the pictures.